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Emergency Products + Research has updated its price list. The new list is effective starting
January 1, 2011.

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MSRP Price Sheet: As of March 1, 2011

Head Immobilizers

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
•EP-12Head Immobilizer Set$82.95 Orange
•EP-13Head Immobilizer Strap Set$16.95 Orange
•EP-14Head Immobilizer Block$52.95 Pr.Orange
•EP-15Head Immobilizer Base$39.95 Orange
•EP-16Head Immobilizer Set$82.95 Black
•EP-17Head Immobilizer Strap Set$16.95 Black
•EP-18Head Immobilizer Block$52.95 Pr.Black
•EP-19Head Immobilizer Base$39.95 Black

Rescu-Air Child Transport Seat

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
•EP-51Rescu-Air Seat Belt E-Clip$4.95 Gold
EP-52Rescu-Air Carry Bag$25.95 Yellow
EP-54Lower Gurney Cushion Strap (EP-75) $28.95 Black
EP-65Rescu-Air Main Harness$35.95 Black
EP-67Center Gurney Strap (EP-75)$25.95 Black
EP-68Back Gurney Cushion Strap (EP-75) $26.95 Black
EP-72Rescu-Air Pump$59.95 Black
EP-73Rescu-Air Filler Hose$10.00 White
EP-74Rescu-Air AC/DC Converter$45.95 Black
EP-75Gurney Harness Strap Kit, $75.95 Black
•EP-96Improved Rescu-Air$649.95 Yellow

Spine Boards, Graphics & Hand-E

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
EP-77The Hand-E$21.95 Yellow
EP-78Hand-E Retainer$3.95 Black
EP-79Hand-E Military Tactical $21.95 Olive Drab
•EP-82EMT Basic M/C Pac, Head Imm., Collar, Straps,, Comf.$275.95 Multi-Color
•EP-83Cervial Collar$7.80 Multi-Color
EP-98MC-Pak$114.95 Lime Green
EP-99Ultra w/o Pins$199.50 Color Choice
EP-100PUltra w/ Pins$212.25 Color Choice
EP-101Ultra w/ Pins$194.25 Color Choice
EP-102PBak-Pak w/o Pins$206.95 Color Choice
EP-103Maxi-Wide w/o Pins$199.50 Color Choice
EP-104PMaxi-Wide w/ Pins $212.25 Color Choice
EP-105Combo w/ EP-101 & EP-502 Spider Strap$224.25 Color Choice
•EP-116Spine Board "Comfort Cushion"$125.95 Clear
•EP-117Spine Board "Comfort Cushion" Carry Bag$25.95 Yellow
EP-118Board Graphics $25.95 Black
•EP-119Comfort Cushion Replacement Strap Kit$19.95 Black
EP-124Board Graphics$35.95 Black
EP-125Star of Life$12.00 Black
EP-126Maltese Cross$12.00 Black
EP-127Haz-Mat$12.00 Black
EP-129Spider Strap Lettering$18.95 Black

Spine Board Straps

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
EP-199Strap-Pak / 3-Straps 3- Buckles $14.95 White
EP-200Strap-Pak / 3-Straps 3- Buckles $14.95 Blue
EP-201Strap-Pak / 3- Strap Refills$7.95 White
EP-202Strap-Pak / 3- Strap Refills$7.95 Blue
EP-203Strap-Pak / 3-Buckles $8.95 Black
EP-204Strap-Pak Speed Clips (5/16") Pins$12.95 White
EP-205Strap-Pak Speed Clips (5/16") Pins$12.95 Blue
EP-223Strap-Pak / 3-Straps 3- Buckles $14.95 Olive Drab
EP-224Strap-Pak / 3-Straps 3- Buckles $14.95 Black
EP-225Strap-Pak Speed Clip$13.95 Olive Drab
EP-226Strap-Pak Speed Clip$13.95 Black
•EP-227Strap-Pak$14.95 Orange
•EP-228Strap-Pak / 3- Strap Refills$7.95 Olive Drab
•EP-229Strap-Pak / 3- Strap Refills$7.95 Black
•EP-230Strap-Pak / 3- Strap Refills$7.95 Orange

Spider Straps (Velcro & Non-Velcro)

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
EP-76Pedi-Spider / Velcro$59.95 Multi-Color
EP-498Spider-Strap Carry Case$19.95 Orange
EP-500Spider-Loop Non-Velcro$95.95 Multi-Color
EP-501Spider-Strap Velcro$89.95 Red/Black
EP-502Spider-Strap Velcro$89.95 Blue/Orange
EP-503Spider-Strap Velcro$89.95 Multi-Color
EP-504Spider-Strap Velcro$89.95 Red/Black
EP-505Spider-Strap Velcro$89.95 Blue/Orange
EP-506Spider-Strap Velcro$89.95 Multi-Color
EP-507Spider-Strap Velcro$89.95 Black
EP-508Spider-Strap Velcro EP-503 & EP-76 Pedi-Spider Set$124.90 Multi-Color
EP-509Spider-Loop Non-Velcro$95.95 Black
EP-510Spider-Clip$95.95 Multi-Color
EP-550Spider-Strap X-Large Velcro$110.00 Red/Yellow
EP-585Spider-Strap Velcro$89.95 Olive Drab
EP-586EP-502 S/S & EP- 76 Hand-E Combo Pack$112.95 Multi-Color/Yellow
EP-587EP-586 Carry Case$19.95 Orange
•EP-588Spider-Strap X-Large Velcro$110.95 Black

Replacement Straps For Spider-Loop & Clip

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
EP-511Replacement Strap For EP-500$21.95 Red
EP-512Replacement Strap For EP-500$21.95 Yellow
EP-513Replacement Strap For EP-500$21.95 Green
EP-514Replacement Strap For EP-500$21.95 Blue
EP-515EP-509 Carry Bag$21.95 Blue
EP-516Replacement Strap For EP-510$21.95 Red
EP-517Replacement Strap For EP-510$21.95 Yellow
EP-518Replacement Strap For EP-510$21.95 Green
EP-519Replacement Strap For EP-510$21.95 Blue
EP-520EP-510 Carry Bag$19.95 Grey
EP-521Center Replacement Y Strap for EP-500/509/510$19.95 Black
EP-522Shoulder Replacement Pad EP-500/509/510$19.95 Black
EP-523Replacement Strap For EP-509$21.95 Red
EP-524Replacement Strap For EP-509$21.95 Yellow
EP-525Replacement Strap For EP-509$21.95 Green
EP-526Replacement Strap For EP-509$21.95 Blue
EP-527EP-509 Carry Bag$19.95 Black


Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
EP-700Rescu-Vest Head & Chin Strap Set$10.00 White
EP-701Rescu-Vest Folding Pad$10.00 Red
EP-702Rescu-Vest Folding Pad$10.00 Black
EP-703Carry Case For EP-705$10.00 Red
EP-704Carry Case For EP-706$10.00 Black
EP-705Rescu-Vest $110.95 Red
EP-706Rescu-Vest$110.95 Black
EP-707Rescu-Vest +$125.95 Red
EP-711Rescu-Vest + Folding Pad$10.00 Red
EP-712Carry Case For EP-707$10.00 Red
EP-713Rescu-Vest +$125.95 Black
EP-714Rescu-Vest + Folding Pad$11.00 Black
EP-715Carry Case For EP-713$15.95 Black
EP-717Rescue Vest$110.95 Green
EP-718Rescue Vest Folding Pad$10.00 Green
EP-719Rescue Vest Carry Case$10.00 Green
EP-720Rescue Vest +$125.95 Green
EP-721Rescue Vest + Folding Pad$11.00 Green

Traction Device

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
EP-800OTD Street$88.75 Street Orange

Replacement Components

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
EP-801OTD Upper Groin Strap$8.75 Black
EP-802OTD Elastic Strap Set of (3)$15.95 Red, Yellow, Green
EP-803OTD Elastic Strap Thigh$9.95 Red
EP-804OTD Elastic Strap Knee$9.95 Yellow
EP-805OTD Elastic Strap Ankle$9.95 Green
EP-806OTD Ankle Hitch$11.95 Black
EP-807OTD Traction Pole$16.00 Gold
EP-809OTD Carry Bag$9.50 Orange

Traction Device

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
EP-810OTD Tactical $88.75 Black

Replacement Components

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
EP-811OTD Upper Groin Strap$8.75 Black
EP-812OTD Elastic Strap Set of (3)$15.95 Black
EP-813OTD Elastic Strap Thigh$9.95 Black
EP-814OTD Elastic Strap Knee$9.95 Black
EP-815OTD Elastic Strap Ankle$11.95 Black
EP-817OTD Traction Pole$16.00 Black
EP-819OTD Carry Bag$9.50 Black

WaterCrest Industries, LLC Product Line

Product No.DescriptionMSRPColor
•WCI-191Improved Traction Device I.T.D..$179.95 Black
•WCI-192I.T.D. Groin Strap W/Comfort Pad$36.95 Black
•WCI-193I.T.D. Comfort Pad$19.95 Black
•WCI-194I.T.D. Thigh Elastic Strap$25.95 Black
•WCI-195I.T.D. Knee Elastic Strap$21.95 Black
•WCI-196I.T.D. Shin Elastic Strap$21.95 Black
•WCI-197I.T.D. Ankle Hitch$45.95 Black
•WCI-198I.T.D. Carbon Fiber Pole Assembly$59.95 Black
•WCI-199I.T.D. Replacement Carry Bag$25.95 Black
•WCI-200Six-Pak$695.95 Black
•WCI-201Six-Pak Main Frame$250.00 Black
•WCI-202Six-Pak Center Buckle Strap$21.95 Black
•WCI-203Six-Pak Upright Safety Strap Set$18.95 Black
•WCI-204Six-Pak Tri-Wheel Assembly$75.95 Black
•WCI-205Six-Pak Safety Pin Lanyard Set$18.95 Natural
•WCI-206Six-Pak Wheels$18.00eaBlack
•WCI-207Six-Pack Axle Shaft Support & Fastener Set$16.95 Natural
•WCI-208Six-Pak Bearing Assembly$24.95eaNatural
•WCI-209Six-Pak Location Pin Set$4.95 Natural
•WCI-210Six-Pak Storage Bag$65.95 Yellow
•WCI-211Users Manual$4.95 N/A
•WCI-212Training DVD$19.95 N/A
•WCI-213Six-Pak Stadium Model$1,295.95 Black
•WCI-214Stadium Model Main Frame$275.95 Black
•WCI-216Six-Pak ARBS Braking System$150.95 Black
•WCI-217Stadium Model Axle Assemblies$125.95eaBlack
•WCI-218Six-Pak Beach Model$995.95 Black
•WCI-219Beach Model Wheels$240.00eaBlue
•WCI-220Six-Pak Tactical $895.00 Black
•WCI-221Tactical Wheel$165.95eaBlack
•WCI-222Six-Pak Tactical Carry Bag$65.95 Black
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